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    Online payment processing. Our registration management system offers the option to set up registrant types and create profiles.

  • We provide online payment processing
    for your events

    The best, most convenient and safe way to register in a race. Participants will appreciate
    Offer registrants the convenience, safety and flexibility of online payments.


Full support
Proposing major races, those that offer the athlete a good organization, animation and support to the runner: that's the goal of Wanago.

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You can register On Line for all races we propose, we have the best current software solutions.


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What We Offer

In addition to the published results, you have the option to view and evaluate data about the participation in the event, selecting the fields that interest you. These statistics can be public or for personal use in your organization. We have a deep understanding of the needs of the event management team.

  • wanago team

    Wanago is composed of a dedicated members team working together to provide the best registration solutions possible for you

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  • My Videofinish

    It is a system to publish video-results of your events and posting direct on your website. This is a very good promotion for your event

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  • register online

    Proceed to your race entry online and let us guide you, we'll do the rest!

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  • No matter if you're a new to running or training for your next marathon, you'll find the tools and support you need
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